The Games

Doll House: Escape Room

As paranormal investigators it’s your job to investigate the tragic events of the Mason family. Ever since poor Lucy Mason disappeared, the house on  7 Silver Street remains empty except several dolls that appeared after she went missing…

You must work together to search for clues and investigate the nicknamed Doll House – before you are trapped in the house forever!

Be sure to Take The Exit, as play time Is over in just sixty minutes… Book Here

Codename: Exit Escape Room

Working for MI7, you’ve been sent to investigate the evil corporation Silver Inc – a company hell bent on taking over the world!

They’ve stolen diamonds and hidden them away in their offices. It’s your mission to break in and take the diamonds back, will you be able to complete your mission within the time limit?

Family friendly escape room with some tricky puzzles. More difficult room compared to DollHouse. Experienced players suggested.

Only 60 minutes until your mission is over… Book Here

The Chapel: Escape Room

Little Is Known About The Chapel Escape Room – Now Open!

You Must Investigate The Abandoned Chapel & The Mysteries Behind The Sisters’ Deaths Before Time Is Up…. Will You Be Able To Take The Exit?

A creepy, escape room with some Adult themes. Medium – Hard Difficulty. Experienced players recommended. Book this escape game here

Trials Of Osiris: Escape Room

Take The Exit: Trials Of Osiris: Egyptian Escape Game

Taking Over From Howard Carter’s Research You & Your Team Of Explorers Are Now Trapped In a Pyramid! With Just 70 Minutes On The Clock, Will You Be Able To Escape?

Home Escape Games To Hire At Take The Exit (2 Nights!)

Space Case: Home Escape Game To Hire
Magic Case: The magical escape room home rental!

Online Escape Rooms (played at home online)

Thirteen : Online Escape Room
Oz: The Home Escape room game
Diagon Alley – Online Escape Game From Take The Exit
Drag Race: Online Escape Room
Gods & Monsters FREE Online Escape Room Game
The Ring Of Power: Online Escape Game
DollHouse: Shattered Porcelain
Nostromo: Odyssey – Online Escape Room
The Mansion Incident: Online Escape Room Game
Into The Wild: Online Escape Room Adventure
Surveillance: Online Escape Game
Silent Hillside : The Online Escape Room Game
Alohomora: The Magic Online Escape