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Take the Exit is the Hulltimate Escape Room! We currently have 3 Escape Rooms available for you to try – Do you think you can steady your nerves and outwit the cursed doll Emily? Try the Doll House Escape Room! Though, take our warning – it is not for the faint hearted! Book your place here.

Or Do You Fancy A Challenge? Try Our Codename:Exit Escape Room – Become A Spy And See If You Can Complete Your Mission! Book this escape room here

The Chapel Escape Room – You Must Investigate The Abandoned Chapel & The Mysteries Behind The Sisters’ Deaths Before Time Is Up! book here

We have Trials Of Osiris Egyptian Escape Room & Santa’s Workshop Christmas Escape Game Pop Up at Christmas Each Year

Gather your friends, your family or whoever you need to help you escape the room and prepare for the To Take The Exit!

About Us:

Take The Exit has been formed by an Exit Game loving couple who have a passion for puzzles, riddles and the TV show, The Crystal Maze!

Our aim is to create unique and exciting Exit Games that all people can play and enjoy – from beginners to more advanced enthusiasts. We’ve created our rooms based on our own experiences as players, hoping to create memorable experiences that will leave players feeling satisfied not puzzled.

We believe in working collaboratively to support local business and have tried to use local suppliers, whenever necessary.

Can You Escape The Doll House?

Our Rooms:


Cursed doll Emily has trapped you and your friends inside her very own Doll House! You must work together to search for clues and escape – before Emily keeps you in her Doll House forever! Play time Is over in just sixty minutes… Book The Doll House Escape Room Here

Agents! Do Not Fail Your Mission!

Codename: Exit

Your team of Agents have been sent to claim back diamonds stolen by Silver Inc. Can You complete your mission before time is up? Created For More Experienced Players. You can book Codename Exit Escape Room, Here

The Chapel: Escape Room

The Chapel Escape Room Is Now Open

You Must Investigate The Abandoned Chapel & The Mysteries Behind The Sisters’ Deaths Before Time Is Up! Book here

Escape Room Gift Vouchers

If you’re looking for an ideal gift for an escape room fan, then our escape room gift vouchers are ideal! They can be printed, or emailed to the recipient and have no expiry date – so can be used for any of our escape rooms, including ones we have still to open! To purchase an escape room gift voucher, simply visit our booking page here

Escape Rooms Coming Soon:

Trials Of Osiris Escape Room Is Coming Soon
Santa’s Workshop: Part 3 Coming Christmas 2020